"Live and Learn"TM
~stopping the bully you love~


       Exposing the Family Serial Bully

           While the FSB continues to be over friendly with their Target, overly helpful, and overgenerous, the best kind
           of friend, the bullying is done slowly and carefully behind the back of the Target in the form of preconceived
           judgments and stereotyping. The FSB spreads their malicious poison to anyone and everyone who will listen.
           After a Target's suspicions arise it will likely be months or years before the Target understands the true nature
           of the relationship and the real danger to themselves. The FSB deals easily with the Target’s initial complaints,
           while behind the scenes a protective layer of slander against the Target, delivered by the Advocate and distributed
           through the unwitting Allies, reaches as many areas of the Target’s life as possible.
           As stated before, the initial effect upon the family is not obvious as it usually involves only the FSB and their
           Prime Target. The Target is compromising and forgiving. They forgive their tormentor again and again and long
           after their first cries for help they are still forgiving the Allies for not understanding their own danger.
The first challenge facing a mature Target is how to end the bullying without losing their relationship with the FSB. It may be years before Target(s) understand the hurt they display for the possible loss simply serves to entertain an FSB who will then work to create more opportunities to observe the anguish. Such anguish supports the notion of the FSB as favoured company and allows them to display, in return, their feelings of superior indifference. 

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